“Monster” case in Katica Janeva’s hands

The “Monster” case is in the hands of the special public prosecutor’s office. This information caused a storm in the courtroom of the Skopje Criminal Court, where the repeated trial of the five murders at Smilkovsko Lake was held yesterday.

The reaction of the parents of the killed boys followed the court’s notification that they received a letter in the morning that the SPO had requested the case for work and that an eight-day deadline for replying to their request would follow. Probably, they knew about the possible “transfer” of the case in both prosecution offices because there was no representative of the indictment in the courtroom.

The continuation of this trial is scheduled for the 17th of next month. This is the second postponement of this trial after the Supreme Court of Macedonia abolished the two verdicts by which six of the defendants were sentenced to life in prison.

The unfortunate event, in which four young boys and a man were killed, occurred on April 12, 2012.