Mogherini: EU must take name deal into consideration

The EU has clearly voiced its intention to support and accompany a possible Skopje-Athens agreement on the name issue, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini told a press conference in Brussels on Monday.

The briefing by the Foreign Ministers of both countries on the progress made in name negotiations is rather encouraging and promising, Mogherini said, expressing optimism for positive outcome and affirming the EU intention to work, support and accompany a (name) agreement when it would be achieved and announced.

The long-standing name dispute has been creating problems for years and if the strong political leadership with the UN mediation and intensive EU engagement may bring an agreement on such difficult matter, it will be an inspiration for others, as well as proof that multilateral approach is the one worth investing in, she said.

‘All of these should be recognized by the European Council. Let me remind that the European Commission has already recommended a start of (Macedonia) accession talks, based on reform-merit,’ Mogherini said.

All countries should take into consideration a possible agreement, as the international community, EU will rather enthusiastically cheer the good news on settling the name issue, she said in regard to a question from MIA correspondent about the opposition of some EU members to the launch of Macedonia’s accession talks.