Mickoski: Zaev orders murders, I know what I’m talking about

The arrests of three former VMRO-DPMNE officials suspected of organizing the bloody events on April 27, 2017 angered the main opposition party, and is now planning to completely freeze all contacts with the ruling parties. The opposition party will not participate in the upcoming meeting of the Jean Monnet process, and the caucus group “For a Common Macedonia” will not support any law, proposal or suggestion that will be proposed from the ruling majority. TheJean Monnet meeting is supposed to be held on February 27 and 28 in the country’s Parliament. VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski and the party’s Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski informed MEPs Ivo Vajgl and Eduard Kukan about their decision yesterday, because they are informal hosts of the process.

“There’s no way that we will sit on the same table with representatives of SDSM,” said the largest opposition party.

The main opposition party VMRO-DPMNE accuses that the detention of the former ministers Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski, as well as the request for the abolition of the MP immunity of Trajko Veljanoski are a consequence of SDSM’s certain decline, who are very aware of this, so they decided on spreading fear among citizens, and a new round of arbitrary political persecution. On the reporters’ direct questions, whether according to them there was actual violence on April 27 in parliament or not, whether there was an attempted murder and whether someone should take responsibility and who should be the one to take responsibility, the party still avoided to respond, shifting the responsibility to the judiciary, and, at the same, failing to explain how is Mickoski thinking to realize his promises that when he comes to power he will stop all trials – by changing the judges, by interrupting the proceedings, or by pardoning?

“Zaev can see his power is coming to an end and therefore now it is most dangerous, he takes desperate moves, he arrests based on statements of dubious persons, without any evidence. Ruskovska’s prosecution had a year and a half to provide justice, to find out exactly what happened on April 27th, but instead, it does what power orders it.

Veljanoski is accused of terrorism, and they also blame him of violating the rules of procedure for filibustering. According to that logic, they also could have arrested Talat Xhaferi when he ‘allowed’ filibustering on our side with thousands of amendments to the Law on Languages. If Zaev wants to show that he does not hold the judiciary and the prosecution in his hands, he should keep the promise he made in 2016 that the public prosecutor will be appointed by the opposition’s election,” says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski for Nezavisen Vesnik/Independent daily newspaper.

Immediately after the arrests, he issued a series of attacks against the prime minister, accusing him of ordering not only arrests, but also murders.

“You can arrest, you can also order murders, but you should know one thing: we will not be afraid of you and we will defeat you. SDSM wants to spread fear, to demoralize VMRO-DPMNE and the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, They want people to talk about detention, arrests, but not about the vaccines that kill, about Filipce’s healthcare that kills, about Tevdovski, Spasovski, who ruthlessly impoverished the people, the tenders and the wealth of Vice and Trajce Zaev, for the desperate farmers and the deceived pensioners. It’s all clear, you’re finished, and the for you the end will be fierce,” said Mickoski.

One day later, he says he stands behind each of his words.

“I know what I’m talking about when I say that Zaev has ordered assassinations, but at this moment, I don’t even think of revealing them to the public. The moment will come when there will be rule of law” asserts Mickoski.

He expects the arrests of former and current officials of his party to continue the coming period.

“First, Zaev wants to provoke us in taking steps like the Albanian opposition and walk out of the Parliament. Second, to use our walkout of Parliament and cause a political crisis greater than this one right now, and then to accuse us for not getting the negotiations date with the European Union. And third, he wants to provoke us to boycott the presidential election, so their candidate, probably Nikola Dimitrov, will get a chance to win, because if we are running – it is clear that Professor Siljanovska – Davkova will win. He will not succeed in any of this,” said Mickoski.

The leader of the largest opposition party again threatened Zaev that one day, which will come very soon, will be held accountable for everything he has done, and that the same applies to his closest associates, prosecutors and judges who serve him.

“Both Milosevic and Ceausescu did the same things: they arrested people that thought differently, pressured the media, extorted, imprisoned, and yet we know how they ended up,” the opposition leader concludes.

 Zaev: He crossed the line, I might press charges

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev says he will consult with his lawyers to see whether to sue the president of VMRO-DPMNE, Christian Mickoski, who, among other things, accuses him and ordered murders.

“He crossed the line, nonsense. I’ve been in all kinds of different situations, I published political ‘bombs’,I was deprived of my passport, I was facing detention, but I’ve always been careful of what I’m saying. Mickoski initiates murder attempts, talks of some kind of cruelty, The least thing I can say is that he has crossed the line. It says more about him, but he talks about me, so I will consult my legal team whether I should press charges,” Zaev said.

SDSM: You are threatening because you are frustrated

These last messages of Mickoski came across negative reactions among the public, according to which the leader of VMRO-DPMNE has crossed the line, and therefore he has a serious problem with reality, while he intends to rule with Macedonia one day.

“Mickoski jumped to defend his boss Nikola Gruevski, frustrated by his own lack of ideas, so he even legitimized the violence on April 27 and defended the suspected organizers of the violence on April 27,” reacted SDSM. The ruling party reminds that April 27 is the most tragic date in the history of our country, when the violent incursion in the Parliament threatened the lives of MPs, journalists and parliament employees.

“Mickoski stood behind the attack against the constitutional order and the foundations of democracy that happened that day. He is obviously frustrated by its own lack of ability, the lost support of the citizens, and the inability to defend the crimes of Nikola Gruevski. Therefore, he threatens judges and prosecutors, interferes with the judiciary, speaks of murders, etc. All those who were executors and involved in organizing on April 27 must be held accountable according to the laws, through a transparent court procedure.

As for who is finished, whose clock is ticking and who is falling, we will see very soon. Presidential elections are around the corner and there is no way out, you are facing defeat, your anxious reactions will not save you. You should start thinking of resigning from your own party,” responded SDSM.

Goran Adamovski