Mickoski: If Mogherini can address the Parliament, why can’t I?

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski claims that if Federica Mogerini and Jens Stoltenberg could address the Assembly, he too should be able to. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Mickoski behaves like the Dalai Lama, calling his speech “forbidden”.

“Be patient, one of these days you will hear the forbidden speech and everything I want to say to the public as my message, says Mickoski in the interview.

– I know that in parliament, so far, many people who were not MPs have been allowed to speak. In the past period, Mogherini addressed the parliament, Stoltenberg as well… If foreign representatives could hold speeches, I do not understand why the leader of the main opposition party cannot? In the late 1990s, even students held speeches, and we have many other examples from the past. And just a day earlier, we heard the Prime Minister speaking of reconciliation, forgiveness… – says Mickoski answering the question of why he defines it as “forbidden speech”, when the Rules do not foresee the possibility for his address in the Assembly?

In the interview, he does not comment on the messages in the letter of US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell, who said he was disappointed with the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE. He announced his response for later today.

Mickoski said that there was no chance for him and Zaev to find common ground for the Prespa Agreement.
– We can only conclude that the Agreement is dead. Any further forcing of this process will only produce additional tension and polarization in the society, and the only culprit for this is Zoran Zaev who promised something he cannot fulfill. How did the ‘Ilinden Macedonia’ proposal fail? Tsipras said that there are no 151 MPs who will accept that proposal, ie. that there is no majority in Greece’s parliament. Why didn’t Zaev say: ‘I do not have a two-thirds majority, therefore I do not accept the proposal ‘Republic of North Macedonia’’!?