Mickoski: I expect from the Constitutional Court to reject the law on languages

“As a party we submitted criminal charges against the people who were accomplices in this act of violence against the Constitution, the laws and procedures of Parliament. Professor Kekenoski sent a request to the Constitutional Court to evaluate the law and if the Court makes its decision based on the rule of law, this law would have to be thrown out. We don’t oppose the use of the languages of the ethnic communities in the Republic of Macedonia, but that would have to be done in accordance with the law and the Constitution,” said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in Ohrid, where he attended the Epiphany procession

According to Hristijan Mickoski, this illegal publication of the law is a transparent attempt by the SDSM and DUI parties to compete for the votes of ethnic Albanians in the upcoming presidential and likely early general elections.