MEP Kouloglou asks Mogherini: What will the EU do about Gruevski’s asylum?

Will Hungary be asked to respond over the asylum given to Gruevski, and if Budapest’s position raises questions, what steps will be taken against an EU member-state that prevents the functioning of justice in a candidate-state, SYRIZA Member of European Parliament (MEP) Stelios Kouloglou asks EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini.

MEP Kouloglou from SYRIZA points out that the rule of law is a fundamental value for both member-states and candidates, adding that “Hungarian PM Orban does not receive asylum seekers despite EU decisions.”

“This was obviously not the case with Mr.Gruevski, who is sentenced for serious crimes. Hungary supports Skopje’s EU integration, but does not consider it a safe country, since it gave Gruevski asylum,” Kouloglou says in the letter addressed to Mogherini.