Macedonia optimistic for name solution, Ambassador Angelov tells ANA-MPA

By definition we are optimists and we need to push the process forward so as to find a solution, Macedonia’s Ambassador to Greece says Monday, MIA reports.

In a short interview with the Greek news agency ANA-MPA, Darko Angelov notes that the parties should be careful because there are risks that could threaten the process.

According to Ambassador Angelov, the current context is at least slightly more plausible and more sustainable to find a solution compared to the past and there is a positive dynamic in both Macedonia and Greece.

“By definition we are optimists. For us, a name solution is a priority for 26 years. Obviously, our Euro-Atlantic perspective has been stuck in the name issue. By definition, we need to be optimistic in order the process to make progress. What we have been doing in the past several months is that we have been trying to push the process to find a solution. We have intensified our dialogue with the Greek government,” says the Head of the Liaison Office of Macedonia to Athens.

We, Angelov adds, should be cautious, if it had been an easy case, the issue would have been solved by now, which isn’t the case unfortunately.

“There are many other risks in the coming period that could threaten the process. We shall see. It’s important that we have restored communication, which wasn’t the case this past several years,” Ambassador Angelov tells ANA-MPA.