Levica returns to the streets

Unconditional suspension of the initiative for constitutional changes, the cancellation of the Prespa agreement, immediate dissolution of the parliament, scheduling of early parliamentary elections and the formation of a transitional technical government for conducting fair and democratic elections. These are the demands of Levica, which announces massive civil resistance due to Friday’s vote in the Parliament.

“Individuals from both criminal political associations of SDSM and DPMNE, who are today in the Macedonian Assembly disguised as people’s representatives, after the failed referendum on “North Macedonia” are no longer legitimate to decide on changing the constitutional name of the republic against the will of the people. Political corruption cannot produce rightful decisions that will bind the people. Corrupt lawmakers, due to their criminal records, are susceptible to blackmail and bribe, which additionally sabotages their political ability to independently and, in accordance with the will of the people, make legitimate decisions in the Assembly. Macedonia is a captive state in their infernal circle, and the behind-the-scenes anti-democratic games of both political hordes serve one and the same master – capital and money, said representatives of Levica.

The party thinks that the two main parties are acting as if they are opposed to each other, but when the time comes to implement the vassal decisions – they decide on the fate of the people through mutual protection and behind closed doors.

“We announce that we are returning to the streets and we will use all parliamentary and non-parliamentary ways of political struggle in order to restore the kidnapped sovereignty of the people. We announce that in every subsequent stage of the voting of controversial constitutional changes, we will organize mass anti-government protests in front of the legislature under the motto ‘People’s Self-Defense’. We will take everyday radical political actions, in coordination with all concerned political actors who are against the change of the constitutional name, throughout the entire territory of the country,” announced Levica.