Let’s clean the yard

Erol Rizaov

Let’s clean this piece of land, let’s sweep our own yard of the mess made by those who ruined everything, those who are spreading hatred and lies. Let’s show that we are not that kind of people, that our people are not like this, but that the filth comes from a handful of wretches who made a lot of noise with threats and lies that they are rescuing the homeland, that they are saving the identity of the Macedonian, the language and the religion, while they are actually forced, consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly, it doesn’t matter, to hinder justice and save criminals and thugs who, for a whole decade without shame and perseverance, uncontrollably robbed, impoverished and humiliated their people as no one before. They shed blood in Parliament, the sacred place of democracy in the normal world, by beating up public representatives. We are obliged to cleanse the waste for the future of our generations, so they would not live in isolation and in a landfill. We just have to share our opinion: whether we are ‘for’ or ‘against’. It is enough for this decision to be revealed to the world, that we are not the ones that were shown and embarrassed by our fake patriots who preach that the state is saved by hiding under a blankets and by making ajvar, by standing aside and passively watching the greatest historic day since the declaring of Macedonia’s independence.
This is the best way to tell our friends, world statesmen and public figures who have pledged for the European future of Macedonia, that the insults imposed on them are not the work of the Macedonian people and the citizens of Macedonia, but the last refuge of criminals hiding behind patriotism, as it is in their own countries. The citizens of Macedonia don’t think that Chancellor Angela Merkel is a Nazi; on the contrary, they are disgusted by Hitler’s mustache glued to her face; they know that both Germany and Merkel are our friends, our biggest business partners, our donors and supporters. They know that Angela Merkel more than two years ago in Dubrovnik said that “something must be done to make Macedonia a member of NATO and the EU”. And, behold, something was done. Something significant and great.

Macedonians know what the support of France and President Emmanuel Macron means, they also know that only sick minds could call him a pedophile and a closeted homosexual. Donald Trump is the president of the world’s greatest power – the United States, our strategic partner. He is fiercely criticized in his own country and the rest of the world, but criticism is an essential part of democracy. But what was the reason for insulting them in Macedonia just because they support our membership in NATO and the EU. No one of the world politicians and statesmen was left un-insulted in Macedonia and was not given a lesson that they were our enemies and participants in a genocide against the Macedonian people, that they were the bearers of the great conspiracy to destroy the Macedonians and Macedonia.

Despite insulting our friends from other countries and our closest neighbors, who come every day in Macedonia from all corners of the world and from the neighborhood to tell us not to miss out on this historic opportunity, the same people inside the state dispersed the ashes and pulled out the remaining embers to ignite hatred and intolerance again between Macedonians and, and Macedonians with all the all others who have lived in Macedonia for centuries. This includes party bishops, and instead of prayers and faith in God, they discover freaks and traitors, throw curses and anathemas, preach hatred and fratricidal war, poverty and backwardness. Spiritual leaders, the church dignitaries, were equated with the suspected patriots and propagated lies in the churches. They say that Macedonians will disappear. They are lying. In fact, they can only disappear if their sinful prayers are accepted. Led by their spiritual and worldly father Gjorge Ivanov, they preach to the whole world that we will be left without our Macedonian language. They are lying. Both linguistic science and the world have long recognized the Macedonian language with millions of works written. This is also recognized by the Agreement with Greece. They say we will lose our citizenship. They are lying yet again. Both the citizenship and the nationality of the Macedonian, as well as the Macedonian language, remain untouched as part of the world’s civilization law and the world’s legitimacy and scientific truths. Over 20 countries in the world have a geographical addition, west, north, south, east, upper, lower etc. in their countries’ names. And in none of those countries, nationality is determined by it.

On October 1 Macedonians will wake up as Macedonians, they will speak and write in Macedonian, have the same religion and the same identity. It will be one big step closer to the civilized world. We will all have a decade of hard and painful work, many hurdles and traps. Starting next year, begins the most important decade for the future of Macedonia, which should be worked out bravely if we want to create a European state. There will be work for all, for many governments, parties and parliamentary groups, for many public figures, institutions, scientists, artists, athletes, business people, media and citizens. If we succeed in creating a European state, in embracing European values, it will be the greatest confirmation of the identity, the particularity and sustainability of multiethnic and multicultural societies. Let’s share our opinion, it’s worth a try. Giving up without a fight would be a lot worse.

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