Leaders’ meeting – Majority grants opposition’s requests

The meeting of the leaders of the four main parties in the country turned out to be a successful one, because political parties have agreed on a number of pending issues, which will give way to the holding of the referendum on the name.

PM Zoran Zaev said that the majority has accepted the proposal made by VMRO-DPMNE to form a government of technocrats before each election is held.
‘The three leaders’ meetings took a lot of energy, patience and wisdom. We have shaken hands and expressed understanding about many issues. Even before signing the (name) deal with Greece we have accepted the conditions for election of the State Election Commission. Evan before scheduling the leaders’ meeting the working groups of the ruling SDSM and opposition VMRO-DPMNE have defined the wording of a draft-law on financing political parties, which incorporates opposition’s proposals. Today we have also accepted the VMRO-DPMNE request for legal changes that will enable for technical government to be appointed for each parliamentary elections in a form identical to ‘Przino’ model,’ PM Zaev told reporters.
The PM said that political debate will continue on the referendum, its character and the date.

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski said that there’s been agreement on several of the requests made by this party.

“After lengthy discussions, the government has accepted VMRO-DPMNE’s positions about the necessity of adopting a law on the financing of political parties, changes to the law on the government allowing a technical government according to the Przino model to be formed and members of the State Election Commission to be elected in Parliament by a two-third majority,” Mickoski said.

Last week, the government forwarded changes to the Electoral Code to be considered in Parliament that foresee SEC members to be elected with a majority of 61 MPs, instead of two-third majority.

It’s worth noting, Mickoski said, that the agreement we have reached today guarantees a successful electoral process whenever it happens, either on the eve of early polls or regular parliamentary elections.

Answering a journalist question, the opposition leader denied reports that amendments to the Criminal Code were considered at the leaders’ meetings.
“We have never discussed such an issue,” Mickoski said stating that it was an attempt by the ruling majority to divert attention from real problems, such as the harmful deal signed with Greece, etc.
Today’s meeting was the third one this month. The four main political parties sat down and talked about the formation of the State Election Commission, which will hold the referendum on the country’s new name, Republic of North Macedonia.