Law on Prespa Agreement published in the Greek Official Gazette

The law under which The Prespa Agreement is ratified and enforced has been published in the Official Gazette of Greece, after Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos previously signed it.

With the publication in the Official Gazette dated January 25, 2019, the agreement between the two countries is already officially a law in Greece.

The law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece titled “Ratification of the final agreement for resolving the differences as explained in the decisions of the United Nations Security Council 817 (1993) and 845 (1993), termination of the Interim Accord of 1995 and establishing a strategic partnership between the parties, contains 3 articles.

The first article of the agreement is entirely in English and translated into Greek. The second article refers to raising the level of the Liaison Office in Skopje at the Embassy and the Office of Consular, Economic and Commercial Affairs in Bitola at the Consulate General level. The third article explains that the law comes into force after its publication in the Official Gazette, and the agreement comes into force after ratification and after the fulfillment of the prerequisites, in accordance with Article 20.