Lavrov: Russia will recognise the name agreed between Athens and Skopje

Moscow, 15 January 2018 – The intensified Macedonia’s name talks is linked to the desire of the United States to bring this country into NATO, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday during his annual press conference in Moscow.

Lavrov said that efforts have been in long-standing twilight sleep for number of years and US decided to become active to make Macedonia join the NATO, and it is obvious for everybody – that it is not about bringing two Balkans nations closer, but a desire one of them to become NATO member.

Lavrov said that Macedonia needs concessions since they want to make part of NATO, and Greece is already NATO member.

Asked whether Moscow will accept possible new name of Macedonia, which is recognised by Russia under its constitutional name, Lavrov said that “no matter what Athens and Skopje agree on and official decision is made and is reflected in the constitution of Macedonia, will be recognized by Russia.”