Kotzias and Koumoutsakos clash following Zaev name statements

The latest statements by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev over the name dispute have again made waves between the ruling and opposition parties in Greece.

“Following Zaev’s statements for the MIA news agency, in which he claims that Skopje is not negotiating a name for all uses, Greeks are asking themselves what is the Tsipras, Kammenos, Kotzias government negotiating about? We expect an answer,” says New Democracy shadow foreign minister George Koumoutsakos.

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has replied that FM Kotzias briefed Koumoutsakos on the name developments a couple of weeks ago.

“If ND wants to use as arguments the statements of a prime minister of another country, not the ones of the Greek PM and FM, then be it. Once again they demonstrate the enormous irresponsibility in the management of national issues,” says the ministry cited by ANA-MPA.