Kosovo commends Macedonia Parliament on adopting language law

Kosovo on Thursday welcomed the Macedonian Parliament for adopting the law on the use of languages.

According to Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, it is a top democratic achievement for the neighboring country, one of the first nations that have recognized Kosovo.

Macedonia recognized Kosovo in 2008.

“To advance the political rights of the Albanians in Macedonia paves the way towards a stronger civil and ethnic unity in the neighboring republic. We congratulate the Albanian citizens on this political, administrative and cultural achievement,” Thaci said in a post on his Facebook profile.

The law’s adoption, he added, is a crucial step stemming from the Ohrid Accord.

Kosovo Parliament Speaker on Facebook also congratulated the Macedonian Parliament and ‘all of our countrymen’ on the enactment of the law on languages. He said the law would contribute to the strengthening of democracy, equality and ethnic harmony in Macedonia.

11 January 2018