Komunalna Higiena launches mass action to clean up illegal landfills

Today, the Public Utility Enterprise Komunalna Higiena launched a mass action campaign to clean up illegal landfills in all Skopje municipalities.

The enterprise’s administration, municipality employees, students from all Skopje universities, representatives from the NGO sector, as well as high schools and elementary schools will all take part in the campaign.

The head of PUE Komunalna Higiena Abdusamed Shabani said the aim of the action campaign was to raise the awareness of citizens about the harmful effects of improper waste treatment and disposal, as well as the danger of creating illegal landfills which are a direct threat to everyone.

“A clean environment is among the crucial European values we should promote and put in as much effort as possible. Seeing that a “sweep” is underway in high politics, I’d like to call on politicians to also take part in this real and actual “sweep” happening here, so that we can deal with the real problems of the citizens and directly listen to their ideas, suggestions and challenges because that is exactly what we need to do at this point,” said Deputy PM Bujar Osmani.

Skopje’s Mayor Petre Shilegov said a clean city was something that citizens deserve first of all.

“It is our goal as a city, as an administration, to provide an adequate infrastructure, so that citizens can properly dispose of waste,” said Skopje’s Mayor.