Katica, it’s not okay

Goran Adamovski

Information from the Public Prosecutor’s Office that of the one million euros, which, according to the investigation, were paid to Bojan Jovanovski and Zoran Mileski by Orce Kamcev, less than 4,500 euros were spent on Katica Janeva’s furniture and might cost her her freedom, is shocking as well as much as the news of the arrest of the chief of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.
While this money is not to be undermined and is a lot more money than the average Macedonian would ever see in his/her life, this kind of development in the investigation seems like undermining the intelligence of the citizens. Or, if so, then Janeva’s level of intelligence did not match the task she was up to: the head of the institution dealing with the crimes committed by the previous government.
Are there really people willing to risk their lives and careers for such a small amount of money, which was basically as high as Janeva’s monthly salary? Who would allow your partner to take millions, and you to take several thousand euros?
No, it means that either Janeva is being set up with just about anything just so they can say she is guilty, and be held accountable just so the public’s outrage is justified, or to protect her from bigger crimes and then sentenced her to a lesser punishment. There is probably some of the third, as well, that she lacks the intellectual capacity to manage such an important prosecutor’s office.
In fact, her performances from the very beginning did not give out the impression of a person equipped with sufficient knowledge, confidence and readiness to handle the extremely complicated task she was given. Truth be told, with difficulties in making statements, even when reading the written statements, she and her team were able to cope with the obstacles that Nikola Gruevski’s government created for them. Surprisingly, she burst out completely after her path was paved with the change of government.
The power and influence she gained overnight, as an anonymous prosecutor from Gevgelija, were a huge burden on her, so she easily got into plots and schemes that were closer to those she prosecuted. Or was going to prosecute.
After all, she never came out of that role. On Tuesday, when summoned to testify at the Prosecutor’s Office, she ordered the SPO’s driver to drive her to the PPO and back with the office’s vehicle. What she was trying to say was that she was still untouchable.
Not to mention what she was accompanied by the lawyer of one of the defendants in the case. It is sad that she didn’t read the signs on the side of the road until the last moment. And the signs were there, written in capital letters.

It is unlikely that anyone would shed a tear for Katica Janeva. Not even the representatives of the government, not even her closest associates, who have already publicly distanced themselves by saying that they were standing neither behind nor next to her.
It is unfortunate that due to her greed, the rest of the Special Prosecutor’s office’s team fell into the abyss. Negotiations on the new Prosecution law are now seriously at risk. Of course, the negotiations will continue, they must continue, but under significantly different conditions.
And more importantly, where is justice now, to knock on the door of the main suspect and defendant in the case, who has turned out to be the victim to the naivety and greed of people like Boki 13 and Katica Janeva.
Isn’t it utterly ironic that the prosecutor that returned the defendant’s passport so he could walk freely around the world in exchange for furniture, is now in front of Shutka’s gates, while he’s lying on a beach somewhere in Croatia?