Kamcev unable to get out of custody on bail

Businessman Orce Kamcev, who is in custody in the Sutka investigative prison, cannot be bailed out of custody. His lawyer filed an appeal on Saturday to the judge’s decision to give Kamcev a pre-trial detention order for a thirty-day detention. The court should decide whether Kamcev’s appeal will be accepted with which he requests his detention to be lifted, and his lawyer has asked to attend the public session on which to decide.

However, he cannot offer a bail to get out of custody because, according to the court decision, he was detained not only because he is a flight risk, but also for the possibility of interfering with the investigation and the influence of witnesses. His lawyer Antonio Apostolski says that the court would accept a bail if Kamcev would be given a measure of detention only on grounds of flight risk.

The arguments of the lawyers are that Kamcev will not flee because he is a family man and that he can not influence the investigation and the witnesses because the crime was committed 16 years ago and the evidence is based on documentation, not on witnesses. The last felony for which he was charged was committed five years ago and he had the opportunity to destroy the documentation.

Kamcev and another 12 of his business associates, the SPO is suspecting money laundering criminal association and other crimes in the “Empire” case. Five of the suspects ended up in custody.