Justice Minister Deskoska: Request for extradition of Gruevski to be sent by tomorrow

The formal extradition request for former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is going to be sent to Hungary today or tomorrow at the latest, Justice Minister Renata Deskoska told the press on Tuesday.

In addition to documents on the Tank case, in which Gruevski was sentenced to two years in prison, the Hungarian authorities will be sent documentation regarding all of Gruevski’s charges in all cases against him.

Minister Deskoska said there are legal grounds for Gruevski’s extradition and she believes that Hungary will extradite him. She added there was no reason that Hungary should give him asylum and she expects his asylum application to be rejected.

Judiciary reforms are not stalled, laws within the ministry’s strategy are already in procedure and the dynamics is maintained, said Justice Minister Renata Deskoska on Tuesday concerning ongoing reforms.

In this context, Minister Deskoska referred to the law on courts and the judicial council, which have already been published at the National Electronic Register of Regulations (ENER).

The laws are also discussed with the Venice Commission and their recommendations will be incorporated in the final texts.

“We are not creating provisions by ourselves, because European standards and recommendations have to be met,” Deskoska told the media.