Joveski: The biggest mistake is the lack of April 27 on-site investigation

The biggest mistake related to the April 27 events in Parliament is the lack of on-site investigation by a public prosecutor immediately after the incidents, since there is higher probability of securing evidence at that time, said State Public Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski in an interview with MIA.

“At this moment the Public Prosecutor’s Office possesses evidence for inclusion of the April 27 organizers into and will soon launch an investigation against them. The procedure has been delayed due to the unprofessional conduct by the Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately after the event. There was no on-site investigation by a public prosecutor right after the incidents, when the probability of collecting traces and evidence is higher. Literally nothing was done in the period of my predecessor,” said Joveski.

Regarding the failure of the three prosecutors, Geskovska, Bikovski and Cvetanovski, he added that disciplinary procedure has been initiated for their unprofessionalism.