Joveski: La Verità’s footage won’t compromise the “Racket” investigation

The video released by Italian La Verità newspaper didn’t come from sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, said Head Prosecutor Ljubomir Joveski. He also said the video would not compromise the investigation.

Asked if Katica Janeva would be called in for questioning, Joveski said all persons connected to the investigation are being and will be called in.

Italian paper La Verità released a video of the suspects in the Racket case, Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 and Zoran Mileski – Kicheec, meeting with the businessman Jordan Kamchev.

The video filmed in February 2019 also shows stacks of euros being counted and placed into a carrying bag.

A recording of a conversation between Jovanovski and Kamchev can be heard in which Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva’s name is mentioned.