Jonker: It’s not the results that are important, but if the procedures are respected

Corien Jonker, Head of the OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission, refraining from any early presidential election assessments, said the international monitors were more interested in the procedures than in the outcome.

“We observe if the elections are organized in line with democratic international standards for elections,” Jonker told reporters at Brakja Ramiz-Hamid elementary school in Shuto Orizari on Sunday.

“For us, it’s not the results that are important, but if the procedures are respected,” she added.

Jonker said the long term-observers had been in the country for five weeks, looking into the pre-election period.

On election day, Jonker added, they were joined by 250 short-term observers monitoring polling stations throughout the country.

“It’s also not about observing a few polling stations,” Jonker said.

“We always wait until we have the full sample of polling stations and then comment on the overall assessment.”

She said they were monitoring the entire process, including the opening of polling stations, voting, the counting of ballots and the tabulation of results.

“We’ll also stay after election day to look into the post-election developments,” Jonker continued, “and, of course, in the case of a second round, we’ll also be here in the country.”

She said the mission had also been observing voter and candidate registration, the work of the election administration, as well as campaign activities and whether media coverage had been neutral and balanced.

Monitors would also be looking into election-related legislation and its implementation, and the resolution of any election-related disputes, she added.