Jankovic: NATO wants North Macedonia to join by the London summit

Misinformation is used to depict NATO membership as something that is not good for the country. Big players try to convince people that the country is not on the right track, says Zoran Jankovic, Chief of NATO Liaison Office in Skopje, in an interview with Radio Free Europe.
As for the possibility of North Macedonia officially joining NATO at the London summit in December, Jankovic says the ratification of the Accession Protocol is managed by the national governments, adding a delay is possible due to the coming elections in Spain.
“It is difficult to respond to this question. There was a strong signal at the last meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Skopje, when the NATO Secretary-General said we all want you to join as full-fledged member by the December summit. Twenty-two countries have ratified the protocol, but the process is still ongoing in others. This is not under the control of NATO or the Secretary-General, this is a process managed by the national governments. Spain does not have a government at this time because of the pending elections, so we might expect a certain delay because of this process. However, we are certain and hope that the process will be completed as soon as possible,” said Jankovic.