Ivanov: Publishing laws in the Official Gazette without my signature is unconstitutional

The President of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov released a statement after the publishing of the Law on the Use of Languages and the Law on Ratification of the Prespa Agreement without his signature of the decrees in the “Official Gazette”, claiming that SDSM and DUI had violated the rule of law, and in the international practice it was considered a precedent.

“Late last night, we had the chance to see the real face of the SDSM-DUI ruling coalition, which is considered by the parties as being pro-European,” the President says in a statement.
By forwarding these two laws to the Official Gazette, he notes, Article 75 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia has been breached, and the laws have been published in an illegal manner and it can be subject to criminal prosecution.
According to him, this is the moment which will reveal if there is a Constitutional Court in Macedonia, if the prosecution’s office is functional, if there is independent judiciary and a rule of law.
“I wonder, are top officials of the international community, who support this government coalition, going to give a call and support how laws are adopted here? Are they going to support these precedents that inflict far-reaching consequences and damage to the rule of law and do they implement such precedents in their own countries,” President Ivanov pointed out in his statement for the media.