Ivanov: I will not vote on September 30th

-Citizens gave me their confidence in two terms to not allow a change of the Constitution in order to change the constitutional name, not accept ideas and proposals that would jeopardize the Macedonian national identity, the particularity of the Macedonian nation, the Macedonian language and the Macedonian model of coexistence. I do not deviate from my promise. Therefore, on September 30, I will not go out to vote, President Gjorge Ivanov told the United Macedonian Diaspora in Detroit, the President’s Cabinet said.

President Ivanov stated that according to Article 7, paragraph 3 of the Law on Referendum, no one can be called to account for voting or not voting in a referendum. Every citizen, Ivanov said, has the right to decide how he/she will act in relation to this referendum, whether they will vote, not vote, or boycott.