Ivanov appoints generals ahead of presidential elections

In times when there are upcoming presidential elections, the Head of State Gjorge Ivanov promoted generals and appointed commanders of certain positions in the ARM.

Yesterday’s issue of Official Gazette reported that with a decree of the President, Chief of General Staff, Vasko Gjurcinovski, was promoted from Major General to Lieutenant General. Then, Brigadier General Mirce Gjorgoski was appointed as a military representative of Macedonia at NATO headquarters in Brussels, and Colonel Mario Jurisic for a military defense attaché in Paris.

Ivanov appointed a new deputy commander of the Joint Operational Command of the Army. This function will be carried out by Brigadier General Orce Jordev. The head of the Joint Operations Command – Besnik Emini was also appointed.

All these promotions and appointments were signed by Gjorge Ivanov as “President of the Republic of Macedonia”.