International allies congratulate the signing of the NATO accession protocol

The US Embassy to Skopje congratulated today’s signing of NATO accession protocol with Macedonia. “Congratulations on this historic step!,” reads the post on the US Embassy’s Facebook page.

Embassy staff and US Ambassador Jess Baily jointly watched the NATO accession protocol signing ceremony.

The Permanent Representative of the US to NATO, Ambassador Key Baily Hutchison was among the 29 Allies that signed the NATO accession protocol with Macedonia.

Albania’s President Ilir Meta also extended congratulations to Macedonian political leaders and citizens on today’s signing of the NATO Accession Protocol.

‘Congratulations to visionary political leaders and citizens of the Republic of Macedonia for this deserved achievement, which promotes the country’s further progress, contributes to the regional security, stability and strengthens the Alliance of the common trans-Atlantic values,’ Meta says in his note.

For Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka ‘this is great news. The Alliance has opened its doors to welcome its 30th member in the largest political-military family. A strong strategic message for the Western Balkan countries.’

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Hardinaj extended congratulations Wednesday to Macedonian leadership and citizens on today’s signing of the NATO Accession Protocol.

‘Kosovo welcomes the signing of the Accession Protocol with the Republic of North Macedonia by all NATO Allies. More NATO in our region means more security, peace and stability. Congratulations to (PM) Zoran_Zaev and the people of North Macedonia for a great step forward,’ Haradinaj tweeted.

The Macedonian Government also congratulated and extended gratitude to citizens, media, political parties after signing of NATO Accession Protocol for Macedonia. Your wisdom and patience to reject calls for conflict, divisions but embrace policies that promote economic prosperity, security and unity have yielded today’s outstanding result, spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski conveyed the government message at a press conference.

The government also extends gratitude to media for their vital role in meeting the country’s strategic goals, as well as to all former political stakeholders who considered the country’s accession to NATO as their priority.

The Macedonian Parliament adopted a decision on the country’s NATO membership in 1993.