IM Spasovski: No indications of new migration wave

Security intelligence reports and analyzes indicate that at the moment there are no threats of a surge in migrants along the so called ‘Balkan route. But, no matter the situation on the ground and if the migrant crisis was to be reactivated, Macedonia is prepared to act adequately, Oliver Spasovski said Thursday in Ohrid.

The Macedonian Minister of the Interior is taking part in the first Southeast Europe Police Chiefs Association (SEPCA) General Assembly.

Asked about the likelihood of a re-emergence of the migrant route taking into consideration current developments in the Middle East and EU-Turkey relations, Spasovski said that the southern border of Macedonia was being guarded by Macedonian police that were assisted by police forces from several countries in the region and the EU as well.

“The signing of a contract with Frontex is in its final stages, which will also help us protect the border. Macedonia is definitely prepared for any scenario. So far, there are no reports that could be a cause for concern,” he noted.

Even though it is not a member of the EU, Minister Spasovski said, Macedonia is guarding the external borders of Europe. An agreement with Frontex is in fact direct assistance from the Union to protect the southern border from a possible new wave of migrants.