Hungarian newspaper Népszava: US State Department paying special attention to Gruevski’s case

The US Department of State said it’s paying special attention to Gruevski’s case, especially now that he has been granted political asylum in Hungary, reads the Hungarian newspaper Népszava.

Asked by Hungarian newspaper Népszava, the US Department of State reaffirmed its previous position by pointing out that Gruevski was sentenced to two years in prison after a “thorough and transparent legal process.”

The State Department added that “Gruevski is indicted in four pending criminal cases. We believe it is appropriate for the Macedonian legal process to proceed and for Gruevski to be held accountable within the Macedonian justice system.”

Former Prime Minister Gruevski announced on his Facebook page that he was granted political asylum in Hungary. Macedonian authorities demand revocation of asylum decision and his extradition to Macedonia.