Health Insurance Fund to increase quotas for March, total budget for medications

– “Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia decided to increase quotas of prescribed medications for all insured persons in the country for month of March at amount to MKD 15 million which will be evenly distributed in pharmacies”, Health Insurance Fund Director Den Doncev told Friday’s press conference emphasizing that the measure comes into force immediately.

Referring to short-term measures, he said that the total amount of budget for medications will increase in amount to MKD 100 million per year, the rulebook and methodology of allocation of funds – quotas and fees of pharmacies will be revised, as well as more efficient allocation of quotas to pharmacies and more effective system for their fees will be undertaken.

He said that the long-term measures will include review of the possibilities for introducing an integrated and efficient electronic system through involving all institutions and healthcare institutions and healthcare workers by introduction of an electronic health record for every patient.

Doncev also said that the availability of high quality medications for all insured persons in Macedonia presents continuous effort of the Health Insurance Fund of Macedonia.