Hahn: Solution to the name in two weeks

European Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn expressed optimism that the Greek dispute over the name of Macedonia could be resolved within the next 15 days.

“I am optimistic that in the next two weeks we will have a solution: at least a solution that will pave the way for the start of accession talks with FYROM,” he told the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

“I think that everyone agrees that this will be useful for the country, for the society and for the whole region of the Western Balkans,” he added.
Hahn said that Macedonia has overcome the deep political crisis and is making progress in implementing reforms and maintaining good neighborly relations, but warned that “there is no time for complacency”.

Commenting on Turkey, Hahn said the country is moving away from the European Union, especially with regard to human rights and the rule of law, and referred to a recent Commission report on the country.