Gruevski complains and criticizes

Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski called yesterday’s trial over the case “Violence in the municipality of Centar” a theater of absurd. He accused judges of working under party directives, and that there would not have been a trial if the laws were respected.

– There would not have been any accusations if it were done according to the law. But if you have a captured judiciary, anything is possible. We face new injustices every day, and we feel more and more as one of the top works dedicated to absurd, Kafka’s ‘The Trial’,” Gruevski said.

Gruevski complained that yesterday’s hearing continued even after working hours.

– Yesterday, for instance, the judge decided to continue the process after working hours. It’s not a problem for me to stay as much as I need, I’ve worked, but as long it is applied to all. No one else stays after working hours, even for the greatest killers and terrorists. Trials end around 15:00, only in cases where I am involved, there is prolongation until the judge has completed the intended duty. The entire issue related to the SPO and the judiciary becomes more and more absurd. It is obvious that the judges had a political agenda – he said.

He criticizes the SPO prosecutors for demanding detention for the defendant, who did not appear before court today.
– Today, there was one of the defendants, who was ill and who submitted a medical certificate from the family doctor with a recommendation that he should rest. Even for him, the prosecutor demanded custody because he was ill. So, he should be in custody because he got sick. The judge did not give that order, but the very fact that the prosecutors dared to ask indicates the escalation of this Public Prosecutor’s Office, he said.