Government officials spent less on hotels, meals, mobile phone bills, plane tickets

All ministries of the government of North Macedonia from June until November 2018 spent 18,048,080 denars (about 293,000 euros), shows the latest six-month report on costs of officials of the incumbent government.

This presents a significant cut-down compared to the costs of the ministries of the former administration from the same period in 2015 – 41,405,076 denars (673,000 euros), according to the report.

“This significant reduction in costs comes as a result of decreasing unproductive payments amid a period of frequent visits of foreign delegations to the country almost on daily basis. On some occasions, several top government delegations had been in the country as guests of the government of the Republic of North Macedonia,” the government said Wednesday in a press release.

Costs have been reduced in almost every segment, including hotels, meals, transport, mobile phone bills, plane tickets, etc.

“The accountability and transparency tool is producing results. Having an insight into costs of the ministries in the government has contributed to stimulating economical planning in parallel with the reformist agenda and the efforts aimed at joining NATO and the EU,” reads the press release.