Government declares two days of mourning after the tragic traffic accident

The government declared 14-15 February as days of mourning after the tragic traffic accident, in which 14 people died.

Extending condolences to the families of the victims, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said the accident death toll reached 23, while five were fighting for their lives.

The reasons for the accident will be revealed as soon as possible, Zaev said. The investigation on the accident site resumes early Thursday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said.

‘A traumatic night, full of pain and sadness. Tonight our country is in mourning. I have no words that may console the families of our fellow-citizens who lost their lives in this tragic traffic accident,’ Zaev said.

The accident happened on the Skopje-Tetovo road at about 17:00h on Wednesday, when a bus with dozens of passengers aboard veered onto the wrong side of the road and breaking through road fencing plunged into an abyss.