Government and Parliament start using North Macedonia in formal communication

The country’s Government and Parliament started using Wednesday the name Republic of North Macedonia in their communication with media.

The Prespa Agreement and the new name entered into force on Tuesday, and the rest of the state institutions are also expected to follow.

The Government’s inter-ministerial group for implementation of the Prespa Agreement obligations decided on the measures and activities to be undertaken within given deadlines.

Customs Administration is to place stickers on signboards at border-crossings, the state border, and the Skopje and Ohrid airports within 3 days, the Government’s Department for Public Affairs is to complete within 7 days a Book of graphic standards for the visual presentation of the constitutional name Republic of North Macedonia at the coat of arms as a logo used by state institutions on the boards placed at their entrances, while the General Secretariat is to develop a software including all national and local institutions, the Government said in a press release.

All institutions are to change their digital records within 3 days. Memos, print materials, folders are also to be replaced within two weeks.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should replace official signs, stamps and seals within two weeks, while diplomatic and consular offices have a three-week deadline.