Furniture from Katica Janeva’s home confiscated by the police

Фото: Б. Грданоски
Furniture belonging to the head prosecutor in the SPO Katica Janeva is being confiscated from her house in Skopje’s Kozle neighborhood, as she was brought back there under police escort following a police search of SPO’s offices.

The police searching SPO’s offices confiscated Janeva’s computer acting upon an order. So far, there’s no information why Janeva was brought back to her house. Janeva is expected to appear before a pre-trial judge, who should decide on the prosecutor’s request for detention.

In addition to searching Janeva’s house in Skopje and her SPO offices, police are also searching her house in Gevgelija on Wednesday.

The Public Prosecution Office requests detention for SPO’s chief prosecutor Katica Janeva on suspicion of abuse of office in connection to the Racket case.