Former US Ambassador Pardew: North Macedonia sounds great

– The name Republic of North Macedonia sounds great and depicts the reality and history of the region, said ex-US ambassador James Pardew, who is a keynote speaker at the 98th Rose-Roth Seminar taking place in Skopje.

According to the former US special Balkans envoy, the premiers of Greece and Macedonia have demonstrated enormous political courage regarding the name deal, which, in his opinion, is set to change the course of development of the Macedonian nation and the whole region.

He also praised the decision of the EU Council in Luxembourg approving the opening of accession negotiations with Macedonia next year.

Throughout his speech, Pardew referred to the Republic of Macedonia as the Republic of North Macedonia.

Asked about the position of the current US administration as regards Macedonia’s accession to NATO, Pardew said Washington had been maintaining the same, consistent position since 2008.

We are supporting NATO membership and I see no reason why this position should be changed, he noted.