FM Kotzias: Greek draft agreement on ‘all open issues relating to the name’ is negotiable

The agreement will not be a matter of ‘take it or leave it’ as the other party will have an opportunity to intervene with own proposals, Greek FM Nikos Kotzias said Tuesday in regard to a draft document covering ‘all open issues relating to the name’ he had announced at yesterday’s interview with the state broadcaster ERT.

Skopje is familiar with the idea, but Athens is working on its contents, Kotzias said, notifying that he also informed the UN name talks mediator, Matthew Nimetz, about the draft agreement. Skopje, he added, will naturally have an opportunity to offer proposals, changes to the draft.

The draft is a base for talks, dialogue, intended to facilitate the name negotiations, MIA correspondent from Athens cites Kotzias as saying.

The Greek FM said that today he briefed the UN mediator about the draft agreement and the positions of official Athens on Nimetz’s latest set of ideas for settling the name dispute.