FM Dimitrov denies mass media assumptions

Macedonian Foreign minister, Nikola Dimitrov, posted a tweet after the end of the Vienna negotiations over the name issue, through which he denied having held an unofficial presser other than his main statement to journalists when the meeting ended.

“The procedure on the decision of the new name is at a delicate phase and the guessing “game”, as regards the name issue, played by some media outlets is causing damage. I can assure everyone that there is no other statement made by me apart from what I have publicly said”, Nikola Dimitrov writes in his post on Twitter.

Earlier on, the Greek Foreign ministry had announced that “no diplomatic or other Greek source has claimed that the Macedonian side is willing to make changes to the country’s Constitution.”

In its statement, Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlines that, “whatever mass medium funnelled this piece of information did it intentionally in order to provoke reactions”…. / IBNA