Filipce: Capacities of maternity hospitals to enhance

Representatives of the Project Hope Foundation will make an assessment of the existing capacities of several maternity hospitals in Macedonia, towards their enhancement, especially equipment-wise, Health Minister Venko Filipce said on Wednesday.

The Health Ministry and Project Hope are organizing a workshop that focuses on lowering maternal and infant mortality in the country.

Project Hope representative Jan van den Berg said they have been working in Macedonia for 2,5 years, providing training on reducing perinatal mortality.

“Today we will meet with other organizations sharing the same goal, such as UNICEF, so that there is no overlapping in health projects. Macedonia has a problem with equipment, medical staff needs training, organizational changes are required, services need to be introduced,” said van den Berg.

Minister Filipce said the Project Hope Foundation has donated equipment to the intensive care department within the Children’s Clinic and they want to do the same for other maternity hospitals across the country.

Standard equipment for the gynecology and obstetrics departments of the Tetovo and Kumanovo hospitals, worth over US$ 200,000, is to be delivered.

“We have drafted a comprehensive plan, we have reviewed all aspects related to the problem of infant mortality and the state of affairs in maternity hospitals regarding their equipment. We have also put special attention to the level of expertise by doctors and nurses, which should be enhanced through diverse education modules,” added Filipce.