EU Parliament Speakers support the Prespa Agreement and EU integration

Parliament Speaker of North Macedonia Talat Xhaferi is attending the Conference of Speakers of the European Union Parliaments, which takes place 8-9 April in Vienna. The Speakers of Parliaments of EU candidate countries are also invited to participate as observers.

The gathering is chaired by Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian National Council and Ingo Appé, President of the Austrian Federal Council.

The conference includes two sessions – the European Union and its neighbours and the European Union ahead of the 2019 European elections – further development of cooperation between national parliaments and European institutions, Parliament’s press service informs.

EU Speakers welcomed the entry into force of the Prespa Agreement, assessing it as a historic step that sets an example of reconciliation for the entire region, applauding the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Greece for this important achievement.

Emphasizing the pro-European orientation of the Western Balkans, participants of the Conference of Speakers of European Union Parliaments reaffirmed European perspective of the Western Balkans and goals concerning EU enlargement as investment in peace, democracy and security.

EU Speakers at the second session called on citizens of Europe to actively participate in shaping of the future of Europe by exercising their right to vote in the upcoming European elections scheduled for 23-26 May. Further development of cooperation between national parliaments and European institutions is important for bringing the EU closer to its citizens, increasing trust and creating greater transparency.

Speaker Xhaferi held bilateral meeting with French National Assembly Vice President Carole Bureau-Bonnard and Chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the French Senate Jean Bizet, press release reads.

The interlocutors assessed the bilateral relations as good and pledged for more intensive high-level cooperation in the coming period. Xhaferi briefed on adoption of laws from the reform agenda and asked support for the EU integration processes. French officials expressed assurance that France will continue to support Western Balkan countries because their stability is essential for Europe, but will insist to strictly adhere to the EU membership conditions.