Entering Greece with passport only – the sheets of paper are history

North Macedonian citizens will cross the border with Greece only with their travel documents. The sheets of paper that had to be filled in order to enter Greek territory as a passport replacement are no longer required.
As of few days ago, stamps that read “This passport belongs to the Republic of North Macedonia” are being applied on the passports of the citizens that are exiting or entering the country. The text on the stamp is in three languages: Macedonian, English and French, and will be applied to existing travel documents. Citizens have a deadline of five years, that is, by 2024, to replace them with new ones.
The government informed yesterday that they are looking for a solution for the documents with which citizens of the country apply on various grounds in the Liaison Office of Greece, who due to the old name of the country did not accept their documents in the past few days. Prior to the entry into force of the Prespa Agreement, in, a stamp with the name FYROM was applied by the Greek representation, but after the change of name this practice was stopped, and citizens are now required to provide documents with the new name of the country.