IBNA Interview with Albanian presidential candidate Blerim Reka

IBNA Interview with Albanian presidential candidate Blerim Reka
Reka: I shall run for president of a multi-ethnic and Euro-Atlantic republic

University professor, Blerim Reka is one of the candidates for the presidential elections that will be held in North Macedonia on 21 April. In this exclusive interview for IBNA, Reka comments his decision to enter the presidential race.

Professor Reka underlines that his mission is to implement his vision for a multi-ethnic and Euro-Atlantic republic. According to him, citizens of North Macedonia should vote him on April 21, because his goal is to restore confidence on the state and also to turn this into a multi-ethnic republic (on the domestic point of view) and a Euro-Atlantic one (in the international point of view). His nomination has been supported by the Albanian opposition, but he has declared that he is demanding the vote of all citizens.

Blerim Reka is professor of international law at the University of Southeast Europe in Tetovo and the University of Pristina. Ten years ago, he was North Macedonia’s ambassador to the EU.

Why did you join the presidential race in North Macedonia?

There were two main reasons for this: intellectual reasons and national reasons. Instead of voicing my criticism through the digital world, I decided to do something to change this reality. On the other hand, it was unacceptable for me that Albanians were turning into a mere electoral machine without having their own candidate. With only two Macedonian candidates, North Macedonia is risking to slip from a multi-ethnic society (which it is in reality) into a mono-ethnic state.

What is your platform for the presidential race?

I shall race to become the president of a multi-ethnic republic (on the domestic point of view) and a Euro-Atlantic one (in the international point of view). The return of the republic is the very essence of my political presidential program. A true republic needs to have rule of law, democracy, independent judicial system and respect for human rights. Being a multi-ethnic society, North Macedonia should also be a multi-ethnic society. At least, it needs to do more for individual and collective rights. My political program has five main objectives: stabilization of cross ethnic-relations, embrace a Euro-Atlantic foreign policy, support regional co-existence, bring hope in the country and stop the departure of people from the country.

What is the difference between you and the other two candidates?

SDSM’s candidate, Stevo Pendarovski wants a society for everyone and not a republic for all the people. My goal is to build a state for all the people. This country belongs to everyone. Meanwhile, there are two main things that make me a different candidate to VMRO-DPMNE’s nominee, Gordana Jankulovska. Jankulovska is against the Ohrid Agreement and the Prespa Agreement. I’m in favour of both of these agreements, because the last agreement was the best possible situation for the country.

What are your expectations in these elections?

I entered these elections for victory and I expect to celebrate on 21 April.