Brothers-in-law, sisters, nephews of officials in M-NAV

Brothers-in-law, sisters, nephews of officials in M-NAV
M-NAV has hired 39 people since June, 2017. The public is already familiar with some of them and their links to officials. And that only confirms the conclusion that it is very difficult for politicians to remain consistent with the promises they made while in opposition - that they will fight nepotism after they become government officials.

Being employed in M-NAV, state-owned joint stock company that takes care of safe air traffic, is considered a prestige. Not so much from an expert point of view, yet more from a financial aspect. Because, as a company that is not financed by the Macedonian budget, but from the fare tax, it pays several times higher salaries than the Macedonian average. How high these salaries exactly are, M-NAV does not reveal. And it's a constant not just for this company line, but for everyone. The company’s explanation is that they fear for the personal and family security when the employees’ salaries are publicly revealed, for example, 3,500 euros monthly salary.

But this fear was obviously not an obstacle for the sister’s husband of the incumbent Justice Minister Renata Deskoska, to be elected president of the M-NAV Board. From working as an air traffic controller, Nikolce Tasevski became the head of the M-NAV. He is the one signing the decisions for hiring new employees. And, employees say it is very difficult to know all the people that are employed in the company, because the names of the people that were hired through the job ads are not published.

The M-NAV has also hired a relative of the Minister of Agriculture, the son of the director of one of the social funds, the sister of one of the deputy prime ministers, the nephews of the director of the telecommunications operator who is also a senior representative of DUI, the son of a lawmaker from the same party.

When M-NAV publishes a new job ad, nobody asks for conditions, but for who it is, our sources say. In M-NAV In the past year and a half Abedin Zimberi, former New Democracy MP and police general Stojance Angelov from Dignity were also employed in the state-owned M-NAV.

Last year, M-NAV, for the first time in 15 years, called for a transparent advertisement for training, and then for employment of air traffic controllers.