Zaev: I'm certain that Greek MPs will recognize their significant role in this historic moment

Zaev: I'm certain that Greek MPs will recognize their significant role in this historic moment
In the next few days, along with our friend Greece, we shall discard  isolation and misunderstandings and confirm the historic deal, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said Saturday at  press conference, following the Macedonia’s Parliament endorsement of the constitutional amendments, necessary for implementing the Prespa Agreement with the southern neighbor.

‘I am certain that the Greek MPs will also recognize their significant role in this historic moment. I strongly believe that our friend Greece will ratify the Prespa Agreement and become the first state to ratify NATO Accession Protocol, thus leading the rest of Alliance’s members to give green light for our country to be the 30th NATO member,’ Zaev said.

Zaev once again notified that the yesterday’s grand decision of Macedonia’s Parliament put an end to all dilemmas. It is a confirmation, he said, that ‘together we are bringing the country to a future we aspire to’; Macedonian state as part of the European family and NATO member; a state of Macedonians with own identity and pride, a country where the identities of all of its citizens – Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Vlachs, Bosniaks and others, have been build in.

The PM extended gratitude to all members of the Macedonian Parliament for their significant and responsible decision.

“I am aware how difficult it was for you to making this decision, but also of the pride of the vast majority of citizens that this major step has been taken for the benefit, future of our country and people. We are opening new pages to write about new reality, perspective of Republic North Macedonia – member state of the European and Euro-Atlantic family,’ Zaev said.

The constitutional amendments, endorsed yesterday by the Parliament as an obligation deriving from the Prespa Agreement with Greece, should be published in the Official Gazette today, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev told a press conference .

At the onset of next week, the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should notify Greece’s MoFA about the completion of the process for constitutional revision, the PM said.

‘Afterwards, Greece will enter the process for ratifying the Prespa Agreement and the NATO Accession Protocol for our country. Hence, the Prespa Agreement will enter into force. We will also notify all countries worldwide about the decision of our Parliament, which is also our obligation under the Prespa Agreement,’ Zaev said.

He also pointed out that President Gjorge Ivanov’s signature was not necessary for the constitutional amendments to enter into force.

At the press conference, Zaev used the name North Macedonia frequently, because ‘I wish to emphasize the significance of yesterday’s Parliament decision.’

‘Yes I have used the name North Macedonia for the citizens to realize how important is the decision made yesterday by the Parliament. The (Prespa) agreement enters into force when Greece will ratify the document. This is the solution we have accepted, one that opens the perspectives for our country and its citizens,’ said PM Zaev.


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