Eight VMRO-DPMNE MPs agree to support amendments

Eight VMRO-DPMNE MPs agree to support amendments
The eight independent VMRO-DPMNE MPs who originally supported the constitutional changes have also agreed to support the amendments’ final adoption, which will secure the majority necessary to implement the Prespa Agreement.

“We have come to an agreement on the final amendments to the Constitution, securing at least a two-thirds majority,” the Government’s press service said.

“We have achieved the best possible phrasing of the amendments required to implement the Prespa Agreement, which safeguards the Macedonian identity. The citizenship, we confirm once again, is Macedonian, i.e., citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia.”

The amendment of the "independent" MPs, which demanded the name Northern Republic of Macedonia to be used only outside the country's borders, has not been adopted. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev briefly said that this was not acceptable. Macedonia and Greece have reached an agreement by which the new name Republic of North Macedonia is valid for both domestic and foreign use. The majority is expected to vote on constitutional changes.

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