Deskoska: The SPO should keep its independence

Deskoska: The SPO should keep its independence
The Special Public Prosecutor's Office should maintain its independence because it proved to be a great solution and it should not be equal in the ranking of the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime, said Justice Minister Renata Deskoska  at today's press briefing.

- I believe that political parties should support the maintenance of the capacity of the SPO and its competencies, given that in the past period it has been invested in training and education in this Prosecutor's Office. So, the Prosecutor's Office will have certain guarantees of independence and autonomous decision-making that has shown results in Macedonia and we should keep it, said Deskoska.

According to her, for those procedures that are in the phase of indictment there is no dilemma that they should continue within the SPO.

-In the part related to the investigations, the SPO is making an effort that there should not be allowed to have practical amnesty for criminal acts by amending the law. In that part we will have to take care to make a precise provision that will give the opportunity to continue the work for the crimes that have been committed, and which are already under investigation. Whether the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime or the SPO will continue this work, will be determined according to the competencies to be distributed among these two prosecutors, Deskoska added.

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