Zaev: Either 'in favour’ or unseen crisis

Zaev: Either 'in favour’ or unseen crisis
Prime Minister Zoran Zaev thanked his coalition partners in the government that worked on reaching the agreement with Greece (DUI, LDP, DPA, Besa of Afrim Gashi), and mentioned the independent MPs (excluded from VMRO-DPMNE), the Alliance led by Zijadin Sela, Besa by Bilall Kasami, as well as the MP from the opposition, Pance Minov, who actively participated in the preparation of the amendments. This is interpreted as a gratitude to the parties, whose MPs will vote "in favour", but Zaev noted that he still expects an agreement with the two lawmakers from Kasami’s party.

From the Parliamentary rostrum Zaev repeated that the Prespa Agreement preserves the Macedonian language and identity, and ratification of the agreement would mean Macedonia’s NATO membership in less than a year, as well as getting closer to the EU.

"Otherwise, we will face isolation, uncertainty and crisis like never before," said PM Zaev in his ten-minute speech.

He asked the MPs to make a historic and patriotic decision, pointing out that the conclusion of the agreement required courage and boldness, but we did not have another choice because the dispute would have lasted indefinitely and our country would have suffered the consequences.

"Let’s reject the walls of isolation, all of our friends and partners from the world are supporting us," the head of government concluded.

The parliament session resumes tomorrow at 13 o'clock.

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