Vasilevski- Ninja: The protests were funded by VMRO-DPMNE

Vasilevski- Ninja: The protests were funded by VMRO-DPMNE
"For united Macedonia", was formed by VMRO-DPMNE and had fictitious leaders. At the protests of "For a united Macedonia" 80 percent of the present were from VMRO-DPMNE that provided all the requisites that were used. I have seen all the leaders of the protests at Kiril Bozinovski headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE, said the defendant Aleksandar Vasilevski-Ninja in his statement before the court regarding the events in the Assembly on April 27th 2017.

According to Ninja, the operational data he received said that the organizers of the protests were paid by VMRO-DPMNE.

- I only saw them in the party headquarters with Kiril Bozinovski, but I could not see their vehicles, said Ninja.

He said that the former director of UBK Vladimir Atanasovski, when creating the Front for Macedonia, ordered him to meet with Jane Cento and Igor Jug. As he said, he was supposed to assess whether Jug’s stance is a pro-Russian one.

Atanasovski told that "Communards want to elect a president and pointed out that a state of emergency should be proclaimed at any moment."

Ninja told the court that he had contact with Saso Mijalkov, who called him and told him to go to the Marriott hotel and the VMRO headquarters. At about 18 o'clock he was at the party headquarters, but Mijalkov was not there. There, as he added, there were persons from the parliamentary - command-and-operational headquarters of the party - Briskovska, Bozinovski, Janakieski, Cavkov.

From here, as Ninja pointed out, it was coordinated what happened on April 27th. Briskovska said that the first scenario was unsuccessful and MPs did not finish the job and did not cause a fight.

- Then he called Trajko Veljanoski and told him to open the doors of the Parliament, and at 19:15 he called Atanasovski and told him to go report from there, added Ninja.

About 19:20 hours, as Ninja said, he noticed "Bokser Boskoski" and others in the crowd, after which he went to the City Hospital where Boskoski told him that he was in contact with Atanasovski and was informed that he should have come. From there they monitored the situation and called Nikola Mitreski-Koljo, who was in the Assembly and told them that it was chaotic there and that people were beating up MPs.

- I told them to get out, and Boskoski told him there were people from undercover operations and that he should leave from the side of the UNI Bank. Mitreski said he would come out alone because he was without a mask. The order was for everyone to get out, said Ninja.

Responding to cross-examination by the prosecutor's office, Aleksandar Vasilevski-Ninja said that the UBK also followed Zoran Zaev, Zoran Verusevski and Oliver Spasovski. He added that political analyst Albert Musliu was also followed, saying that they planted cameras in his home while he wasn’t there.

Ninja said that not even the then UBK director Ljupco Andonovski - Andon knew about the operations of the Fifth Board because, as he said, he collaborated with the SPO.

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