Ex-UBK chief Mijalkov stays in Sutka

Ex-UBK chief Mijalkov stays in Sutka
The Criminal Council rejected the appeal of former director of the Security and Counterintelligence Directorate, Saso Mijalkov, therefore he is staying in the investigative prison in Sutka.

The judges confirmed that Mijalkov was a flight risk and a threat to influencing witnesses, and confirmed the judge's decision on a pre-trial procedure that ordered detention for him in the “Empire” case.

Yesterday a public meeting was held, and Mijalkov’s appeal was considered with which he demanded from his lawyers to be released from custody.

He was first ordered detention for the mass wiretapping, but later the SPO requested the cancellation of the "Target-Fortress" detention, and then the court ordered a another 30-day detention for the “Empire" case.

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