Dimitrov encouraged by NATO support

Dimitrov encouraged by NATO support
Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, after meeting with NATO foreign ministers, said he was very encouraged by the support Macedonia has received, announcing that the country should become a member of the alliance in February 2020.

"For us this is unfinished business. We have wanted this NATO membership since 1993, and we were supposed to join in 2008. Finally, we have overcome the name dispute, and this is important for us and the region because it means more stability and more predictability. To us, NATO membership also means that Macedonia should stay within these borders” Dimitrov told reporters.

According to him, no member state representative has expressed a dilemma or remark about what is being done in the country and how the conditions are met, and the message was only that they did not wait as the 30th member.

"Trust in the rule of law in Macedonia is a message I receive from most countries in the last days. The Minister of Lithuania told me that we have been waiting for a long time, that our membership has been worked out and earned, and that we meet the criteria and there is no mistrust in the rule of law in the country," Dimitrov said in the context of the dilemma as Gruevski's escape and the new developments around the UBK are being received here in Brussels.

Slobodanka Jovanovska

Our correspondent from Brussels

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